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🍿 TOI Vocab Of The Day

1. THICKET (NOUN): (झाड़ी) a dense group of bushes or tree.

Synonyms: grove, tangle

Antonyms: open place, prairie

Example Sentence:

A thicket is often dominated by a few species.

2. MUTILATION (NOUN): (विकृति) dismembering, damage

Synonyms: amputate, distort

Antonyms: beautify, decorate

Example Sentence:

Her body had been mutilated beyond recognization.

3. PRUDENT (ADJECTIVE): (विवेकी) acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

Synonyms: careful, cautious

Antonyms: hasty, fool, imprudent

Example Sentence:

No prudent money manager would authorize a loan without first knowing its purpose.

4. EMANATE (VERB): (मुद्दा) to express in a way that you look and behave

Synonyms: arise, exude

Antonyms: conceal, hold, keep

Example Sentence:

He emanated a powerful brooding air.

5. DISSENTING (ADJECTIVE): (असहमति) strong difference in opinion.

Synonyms: disagree, decline

Antonyms: accept, approve

Example Sentence:

There were a couple of dissenting voices.

6. SAGGING (ADJECTIVE): (कमज़ोर होना) become weaker

Synonyms: slump, bulge

Antonyms: ascend, rise

Example Sentence:

A comprehensive overhaul meant to revive sagging sales.

7. ELEVATED (ADJECTIVE): (ऊपर उठाया) situated or placed higher.

Synonyms: inflated, exalted

Antonyms: depressed, dropped

Example Sentence:

This hotel has an elevated position above the village.

8. QUEER (VERB): (विचित्र) spoil or ruin the situation.

Synonyms: blight, bruise

Antonyms: create, beautify

Example Sentence:

Reg didn’t want someone meddling and queering the deal at the last minute.

9. DELIBERATIONS (NOUN): (विवेचना) long and careful consideration or discussion.

Synonyms: conference, consideration

Antonyms: ignorance, inattention

Example Sentence:

After much deliberation we arrived at a compromise.

10. DECREPIT (ADJECTIVE): (पुराना) worn out or ruined because of age or neglect.

Synonyms: battered, ramshackle

Antonyms: firm, good, healthy

Example Sentence:

But now the world is decrepit, and all good things are gone.


निम्नांकित में से कौनसा शब्द ' को - ऑर्डिनेटर ' ( co - ordinator ) का हिंदी समानार्थी है -

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